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Aquila AR

The newest app for "bring your own" augmented reality models

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How It Works

How to use your own models in AR.

01: Find A Model

Find or create a model using SketchFab, TinkerCad, Blender etc.

02: Download Model

Download the model as a GLTF from SketchFab or OBJ from TinkerCad.

(Model must be in a zipped file)

03: Upload Model

Upload the model to DropBox or GitHub

04: Get Download Link

Use the instructions below to get your URL link.

GitHub - Copy the raw link


DropBox - Copy share link 

05: Paste URL in app

Paste the URL in the app to view the model in AR.

Pro tip: Use a URL shortener (bitly, tinyurl) or email the link to yourself


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