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AR Cards

AR Cards

7,99$ Standardpreis

Engage students with augmented reality.  Read each card to learn more about the object, and then scan it with your device to view the model in real life. This app can be used at home or in the classroom to enhance student's learning.  Works with most Android and iOS phones and tablets.  


Cards included:

  1. Alveolus
  2. Animal Cell
  3. Aqueduct
  4. Bronchi
  5. Canopic Jar
  6. Castle
  7. Chischen Itza
  8. Colosseum
  9. Digestive System
  10. Galaxy
  11. Hieroglyphics
  12. Hubble Telescope
  13. Human Heart Outside
  14. Human Heart Cross
  15. Human Heart Veins
  16. Inca Calendar
  17. Inca Llama
  18. Julius Caesar Bust
  19. Lungs
  20. Plant Cell
  21. Pyramid
  22. Quetzalcoatl
  23. Red Blood Cells
  24. Roman Coin
  25. Sarcophagus 
  26. Skeleton
  27. Sphinx
  28. Statue of Liberty


Digital Documents Included:

  • Mini cards - 9 cards per sheet of paper (pdf)
  • Single ARCard files (png)



Downloading/displaying the model might take 10-30 seconds for each card, depending on your internet connection.

For personal use only, no re-selling

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